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Unsolved Mysteries - No Ride Home | Unwarranted Race-Baiting and Southern Stereotyping

Yet another problematic episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot. This time, playing into and adding onto the already raging racism-paranoia of our time. 
Unsolved Mysteries - Mystery on the Rooftop | My Dissection of this Conspiracy Theory

I'm disappointed in the premiere episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot. It was full of deception, conspiracy theories, and sensationalism in regards to the death of Rey Rivera. Here, I'll go into detail as to why I don't agree with the conspiratorial narrative the show is pushing and I attempt to debunk some of the ideas the show puts forth.
The Walking Dead | My Defense of The Governor and Live Bait

A random thought I had during a re-watch of the s04e06 episode of The Walking Dead, Live Bait. This is in regards to the character the Governor and the thin line between "good" and "bad" when it comes to human beings, their behavior, and how, even if we can't forgive people's wrongdoings, we should at least attempt to understand the circumstances that resulted in those wrongdoings having occurred.
See the source image Ken Burns: The Central Park Five | Ken Burns Lets Me Down

I didn't realize until just now how much I've been harping against racially motivated topics in my posts. That probably doesn't look too great on me. But, alas, I attempt to be a man of facts. And we currently appear to be in a land of emotion and agenda. And this documentary is a prime example of that.
Bigotry Vs. Probability | Are the Oscars Too White and Too Male?

After the Oscars recent accusation of sexism and racism, due to the lack of diversity in 2020's nominees, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my views on the lack of diversity in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Verbal vomit in regards to a rapidly deteriorating series | The Walking Dead S10E05: "What It Always Is"

I mean, honestly, if the title doesn't say it all on this one, I don't know what else to tell ya. It's just a quickly jotted down complaint about the direction The Walking Dead has taken, mostly in regards to character development. 
Cognitive Flaws, Leaving Neverland and Michael Jackson | An Appeal to Reason

Here's my first vlog-type thing. I wasn't intending on ever making a vlog-type thing, but, after watching the Leaving Neverland documentary, when I was about to write a blog entry about it, it occurred to me that maybe I could try my hand at just expressing my feelings to the camera instead of in text-form. So, that's what this is.
Prince Avalanche (2013) - My Explanation of the Film and it's Ending

A strange and somewhat confusing movie, part comedic and part dramatic, that isn't very well understood by most who watch it. Here's a post I'm archiving that I'd made on the IMDb message boards (RIP) six years ago that gives my own interpretation of what the film could possibly mean.
Us (2019) | An OK Movie, With More Hype Than Substance

I swear, I'm not just on a Jordan Peele hater spree (sincerely). The planets just happen to be aligned toward shitting on the guy.
What's Wrong With Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone 2019 Reboot

Submitted for our disapproval, Jordan Peele presents his take on The Twilight Zone. A new imagining on an old masterpiece that fails to live up to its predecessor in nearly every way. Let's take a look at what went wrong.
The Best Parts of Deadwood: The Movie

At long last, the time has come! HBO's Deadwood: The Movie has finally arrived. And here are the best parts that really blew us away.

I'd originally written this article for the website, directly after watching the Deadwood movie for the first time. So that website is where this gushing article can currently be found and where the links will lead you (they'll open in a new window).
Leaving Neverland: More cashing in on #MeToo. Now at the expense of the King of Pop

An annoyed rant I went on earlier in response to the new Michael Jackson documentary. Originally posted on Reddit, copypasta'd to here.
Let Me Be Frank, Kevin Spacey, innocent until proven guilty, and the merits of Agnosticism

I ramble about how quick people are to jump to conclusion, why "I don't know" isn't in our vocabulary, and undoubtedly give the false impression that I think Kevin Spacey is innocent of the things he's been recently accused of. It's probably for the best that no one reads anything I write.
You Were Never Really Here (2017) | My Nutshell Explanation and Review

Today I give my explanation and review of the 2017 film, You Were Never Really Here, which I just saw for the first time.
Mandy (2018) | My Disappointed Review

After an intriguing trailer and some amazing review scores, I was excited about this movie. Then, of course, I saw this movie. Here's my recollection of a big, fat let down.
Cam (2018) Netflix film | My Explanation and Review

After rummaging around on the internet forums, I noticed a lot of confused reactions in response to this 2018 Netflix original movie. Here's my personal theory as to what the heck was going on. 
The final season of House of Cards was a stinker — and I'm a sexist for thinking so

Just a random rant I wrote, derived from a small squabble I got into on the interwebs. This was probably just an excuse to flaunt arguments I was proud of. Boy, I'm such a self-absorbed douche-ball sometimes. Anywho. That being said, I stick by those arguments, regardless of how immodestly I've managed to bring them up to talk about.
Is The Walking Dead actually getting good again?

This contains spoilers from the fifth episode of the ninth season of The Walking Dead. Being a one-time fan turned weekly hate-watcher of the program, I was shocked by how much I enjoyed Andrew Lincoln's "final" episode. Here's my long, excited, stream of consciousness post about it.
The Conners Halloween Special: Booooo (literally)

On the most recent episode of "The Conners" sitcom, they had their inevitable Roseanne-less Halloween special, entitled "There Won't Be Blood". My reaction? A very non-seasonal "boo". (Yes. I'm still obsessively hate-watching this show... sue me.)
In Defense of Roseanne and Her "Racist" Tweets

This post originated from a comment I'd made on the TVTime app in response to the cancellation of the TV Series, Roseanne, following a Tweet that Roseanne Barr made which many regarded as racist.
Breaking Bad Movies | The Top 20 Movies Where Good Guys Break Bad

Say what you want about the hoity-toity idea that all people should live in peace and harmony; sometimes it just feels awesome to watch someone turn badass and kick some serious derrière. Especially when you've been spending the entirety of the rest of the picture watching them get pushed around and picked on. It's what makes so many superhero origins stories so great and what helped make Breaking Bad one of the most exciting shows on TV. Here's a list that showcases some of the movies that pulled this feat off the best.
25 Alternative Superhero Movies that Flipped the Genre on its Head

I've got to be honest with you: I had no friggin idea what to name this list. All I knew is that I wanted to explore, research, and re-watch a ton of superhero movies that didn't follow the same, tired formula of all of the Marvel and DC movies that we've been seeing released in the cinemas every other weekend for the last decade. After much exhaustive binge-watching, I narrowed the list down to these 25 unique movies.
The Top 25 Smartest TV Characters

Shockingly, as well as this article has done, barely anyone agrees with my choices. Oh, well. Views are views and I need the money. Come check it out and join in the negative criticism.
7 Ways the True Blood Series Finale Could Have Been Improved

The HBO fantasy horror series, True Blood, was a fantastic television show — for about 4 seasons. After that, there was a steady and disappointing decline in quality that culminated in one of the worst series finales that beloved network as ever produced. Here are seven ways in which I believe it could have been improved.
The Top 20 Atheist-Friendly Movies

While the list is titled "Top 20" it initially began as only a "Top 10". But as more movies were released and I was exposed to older movies I'd missed, it's steadily grown over time. Hopefully, that trend will continue and more atheist friendly movies will keep hitting my radar. Who knows, maybe we'll have a "Top 50" one day — God willing.
The Top 15 Atheist Friendly TV Shows

While this list isn't quite as hefty as our atheist movies list (yet) I've still got a few good ideas rolling around in my noggin for some more additions. Expect more updates as soon as I decide to stop being such a lazy-nelly.
10 Movies About Being a Super Genius

Who doesn't love a good movie about a guy with an abnormally huge organ? (The brain, sicko.) Whether they were born with superhuman intellects or had their intelligence raised by crazy science experiments or tumors, here's ten movies about people who — for one reason or another — were super smart.
Pulp Fiction Questions and Answers | Q&A

When I was still just a young little movie buff, I wrote this article for the website, Squidoo. It's a long and comprehensive list which answers all of the most asked and re-asked questions about the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction.
The Top 20 Scariest TV Anthology Series

From The Twilight Zone to Are You Afraid of the Dark to a whole torrent of television shows you've never heard of before, here's a list of 20 awesome and terrifying TV horror anthology series' that our beloved boob-tube has shelled out over the years.
The Top 17 Scientifically Accurate Science Fiction Movies

Being a bungling idiot, I have to admit, this one was difficult to put together. The research alone nearly caused my brain to hemorrhage. But in the end, I survived. And I think it turned out pretty well, if I say so myself (no one else sure will). Sure, the writing is atrocious, but the information coded into them and the movies I've chosen to include fit the bill perfectly. In my opinion, at least. But I'm just a simple man.
Atheist Characters: A List of Atheist and Agnostic Film and TV Characters

Probably my most updated article on here (I keep coming across new additions almost every other week!), here's a list of every atheist and agnostic character that I can spot in films and television series'.
The Top 10 TV Shows Like LOST

While I may never forgive LOST for its final season, the ones which came before it will always have a favorable place in my heart. Since the series went off the air, I've done all I could to find similarly-toned TV shows to fill the void that this one left in its wake. Here's 10 that I thought best fit the criteria.
How to Be a Film Buff - Your Guide to Becoming a Movie Nerd

I've been a movie watching, film-lovin', bonafide film buff for as long as I can remember. Looking back, I've found several roots of how this cinephilia began. Here I list them out so you can be just as sad, lonely, pathetic, and knowledgeable about film as me!
Essentials of Terror: The Top 25 Scary Movies You Need To See

The title here is pretty self-explanatory. I'm really afraid to go back and look at this one, to be honest. I'd probably stick by my film choices but I know the writing has got to be abysmal. Not that I'm Mark Twain now, or anything, but shew.
Traitorous Television | TV That Lost Its Way

 TV just ain't what it used to be. And I miss it dearly.
Top 15 Serialized TV Shows

I'll admit. This one is in high need of an update. And not just in the writing department like some of the other articles here. There's been a lot of new and fantastic TV serials that have come out since this was first written. Nevertheless, the shows listed are still pretty darn good and well worth a watch.
The Top 20 Awkward Dinner Table Moments in the Movies

This is a forced-together article I did back when I was a teenage monkey screwing around on It was for a Thanksgiving themed writing challenge.