Appeals to Reason

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Unsolved Mysteries - No Ride Home | Unwarranted Race-Baiting and Southern Stereotyping

Yet another problematic episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot. This time, playing into and adding onto the already raging racism-paranoia of our time. 
Unsolved Mysteries - Mystery on the Rooftop | My Dissection of this Conspiracy Theory

I'm disappointed in the premiere episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot. It was full of deception, conspiracy theories, and sensationalism in regards to the death of Rey Rivera. Here, I'll go into detail as to why I don't agree with the conspiratorial narrative the show is pushing and I attempt to debunk some of the ideas the show puts forth.
Linguistic Society of America Vs. Steven Pinker | My Dissection of the Claims

Recently, the Disciples of Woke have found a new head they want to unfairly place in the guillotine of "justice". That of famed Harvard cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker. As stated in the title, I dissect their claims.
Heretics, Blasphemers, and Demons | Victims of the Intolerant Cult of Woke

With the Cult of Woke having spread so rapidly (particularly in response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement), many innocent people have been fired, canceled, shamed, and harassed for merely having an opposing opinion or having said "the wrong thing". I recently saw that cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker, was the newest human sacrifice. And it inspired me to write a little about this problem as a whole.
Brains, The Allure of Narratives, and Clickbait Media

A short response I gave someone after they questioned what I meant by a post I'd made in regards to how our brains respond to narratives (and how they fail to respond to raw information). I've included a few links and sources within the response.
Image An Unsubstantiated Movement | #BlackLivesMatter, George Floyd, & Racist Police

I quickly jotted down some of my thoughts on the current protests, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and the claims that racism is running rampant in our law enforcement.
Did Kirk Douglas Really Rape Natalie Wood? Let's Investigate 🔎

After Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas, died, a nasty rumor began to circle around on the internet. Curious as to its origins and whether or not it had any merit, I decided to look a little further into the claim. I document my discoveries here.
Bigotry Vs. Probability | Are the Oscars Too White and Too Male?

After the Oscars recent accusation of sexism and racism, due to the lack of diversity in 2020's nominees, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my views on the lack of diversity in Hollywood and elsewhere.
Why so much hate for Bill Nye The Science Guy?

Just a copypasta'd screenshot of a lengthy post I made in response to the vitriol constantly being spit at Bill Nye the Science Guy. (I'm getting lazy and wanted more things on this page; don't judge me.)
Michael Jackson | How can this many allegations be wrong?

I'd originally posted this on a forum somewhere and copypasta'd it to here. It's a possible explanation for why Michael Jackson had so many accusations placed against him, a response to "where there's smoke, there's fire" and few of my thoughts on the price of fame.
Cognitive Flaws, Leaving Neverland and Michael Jackson | An Appeal to Reason

Here's my first vlog-type thing. I wasn't intending on ever making a vlog-type thing, but, after watching the Leaving Neverland documentary, when I was about to write a blog entry about it, it occurred to me that maybe I could try my hand at just expressing my feelings to the camera instead of in text-form. So, that's what this is.
In Defense of PewDiePie | The Epitome of What's Wrong with the Media and Out of Context Journalism

A recent news report got me thinking about PewDiePie this morning. I decided to write stuff about him afterward.
Breaking Down Olivia Munn's Criticism Over #MeToo Backlash

I was checking out my morning news, only to find more hubbub concerning #MeToo. This time around, it was just a short, admittedly forgettable interview by a celebrity. Who it was or what she, personally, had to say wasn't anything too special, but it gave me an excuse to take off on another stream of consciousness diatribe about this scarily irrational, ever-growing "movement".
Leaving Neverland: More cashing in on #MeToo. Now at the expense of the King of Pop

An annoyed rant I went on earlier in response to the new Michael Jackson documentary. Originally posted on Reddit, copypasta'd to here.
Let Me Be Frank, Kevin Spacey, innocent until proven guilty, and the merits of Agnosticism

I ramble about how quick people are to jump to a conclusion, why "I don't know" isn't in our vocabulary, and undoubtedly give the false impression that I think Kevin Spacey is innocent of the things he's been recently accused of. It's probably for the best that no one reads anything I write.
In Defense of Roseanne and Her "Racist" Tweets

This post originated from a comment I'd made on the TVTime app in response to the cancellation of the TV Series, Roseanne, following a Tweet that Roseanne Barr made which many regarded as racist.

Michael Jackson: Setting The Record Straight (a QandA)

Years ago, in my youth, I wrote this gigantic article about Michael Jackson. Before his death, I'd always believed every negative rumor about him until I finally looked into matters myself. The misrepresentation of him by the media forever changed how I viewed society. Sadly, this article doesn't look quite as good as it could. It's been transferred to one website after another over the years, it's been edited by numerous moderators, photos have mysteriously gone missing, and most links within it are dead. Add on to that, I wasn't exactly the best writer at the time (not that I'm exactly a juggernaut nowadays). All that being said, however, I do stand by the basic facts in which I present in it. Perhaps one day I'll go back and clean the thing up and make it more presentable.
Atheist Characters: A List of Atheist and Agnostic Film and TV Characters Atheist Characters: A List of Atheist and Agnostic Film and TV Characters

An ever-growing, vast collection of atheist and agnostic characters on film and TV. Updated regularly (well, as regularly as I can find — or am directed to — new atheist and agnostic characters) this list showcases all of the non-believers out there on the big and small screens.
The Top 15 Atheist Friendly TV Shows

"The Top" part of this title is definitely a tad misleading. Sure, I'd originally attempted to order these by how atheist friendly they were, but really... who cares? What's important are the shows themselves, order be darned. I'll keep this updated as long as new atheist friendly shows continue to come to my attention.
The Top 20 Atheist-Friendly Movies

Just as with our atheist friendly TV shows, let's overlook the countdown here. These are the handful of movies out there that have put atheism, skepticism or ridiculing ancient beliefs as a high-priority. This is another list that began its life with much fewer titles than it's come to have today. And as more atheist friendly movies roll in, it'll only continue to grow. If we're lucky, at least.
The Celebrity Atheist and Skeptics List

Granted, this one is a little more difficult to keep up with (there's just so many!). Luckily, there are other websites out there that do a much better job at keeping track of celebrity atheists than I do (truth be told, I've pretty much abandoned this anyway). They, however, aren't me. So look at my list instead. I need the ad revenue.
Science & Belief | Why We Believe in Gods, Ghosts, UFO's, Conspiracies and Everything Else

After reading numerous books by Michael Shermer, I decided to condense some of his findings, and the findings of other scientists, onto one handy article that explores why we humans are so prone to be duped, swindled, and to believe a whole plethora of BS. The sources for the information presented are located within the article. Which is important. Because why take my word for anything?
10 Reasons Why Christianity is Declining—and Atheism is Growing

After new polls come in letting us know the full statistic of how atheism is the fasting growing "religion" in America, I quickly put this gem together. It goes through various possible reasons why non-belief could be on the rise and Christianity is on its way out the door.

The Gutter Monkey Presents: Atheist and Agnostic Characters on Film and TV